The Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony, chanoyu, or “the way of tea” is an ancient tradition or practice featuring the ceremonial preparation and service of matcha or powdered green tea.  Strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism, the tea ceremony involves knowledge of formal gestures and language as well as the techniques for the proper presentation and consumption of cha.

Because many of our customers practice the tea ceremony, Jcollector offers a great selection of items related to the tradition.  These include handcrafted tea bowls or chawan in a great variety of celebrated ceramic styles, like bizen, raku, seto, karatsu and oribe.

In addition, we have exquisite natsume and chaire tea storage caddies, trays and plates for serving sweets or even the more formal kaiseki full-course meal,  kettles, braziers and mizusashi for heating or holding water, and even tea tansu, the fabulous and varied cabinets used for storing tea ceremony accessories and utensils.

A wide range of activities are related to the Japanese tea ceremony.  These include ikebana flower arranging (see our wonderful vases and jardinières) and calligraphy (check out our Zen scrolls and calligraphy brushes).

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