New Japanese Furniture Shipment at Jcollector/Jtansu

Our latest shipment of fine Japanese tansu has arrived!

Ruben spent a week in May selecting a wide variety of exceptional pieces, including kitchen tansu, merchant tansu and the ever-popular getabako shoe tansu (a best seller!).  Check out this great two-tone mizuya with keyaki wood accents and roomy getabako, an eye-catching must for getting that pile of shoes off the floor and tucked away.

Mizuya is a term used for a storage cupboard traditionally found in the Japanese kitchen.  Its more literal definition is “water-area cabinet.”  This type of tansu comes in a range of sizes, configurations and sophistication.  Some of our customers prefer a simpler, more rustic style crafted using elements like wire mesh and bamboo accents.  Others favor a more elegant design fashioned with highly desirable and richly grained keyaki or zelkova wood and iron-studded paneling.

For an overview of different types of kitchen tansu, click here.

Our favorite reference books on Japanese tansu include Kazuko Koisumi’s Traditional Japanese Furniture and Rosy Clarke’s Japanese Antique Furniture.

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