The Stone Jizo for Garden or Courtyard

We at Jcollector have a particular fondness for old and weathered figures of Jizo, originally known as Bosatsu and a much beloved Buddhist figure in Japan, Korea, and China. Jizo is regarded as a special protector of children, travelers, and women and an aide to those with problems in life or physical afflictions. For anyone who has lost a child, Jizo is the image of hope and solace with qualities that include unflagging optimism, fearlessness, and gentleness. Entrusted with the task of saving the people after the death of Buddha until such a time when the second Buddha would appear, Jizo holds an important position in Buddhism and, when coming to Japan, he became a protector of the people.

Stone statues of Jizo such as those on Jcollector are found all over Japan, some in beautiful temples, some in little huts, others standing by country roadsides. They are one of the country’s most popular figures. People on religious pilgrimages or on their way to a shrine will stop to say a prayer and leave a little offering (a coin, candle, fruit, or flower) at every little Jizo they pass.

Jizo is gentle and kind. In fact, Jizo-gao (Jizo-face) actually means gentle, smiling face.

When one loses valuables, wishes to know the meaning of a dream, needs to find a missing person or remedy an illness, Jizo is consulted. Because fires are frequent in the Japanese countryside, many Jizo are believed to have the power to extinguish fire and are worshipped as saviors.

Some types of Jizo include the following:

Jizo-bosatsu, who helps relieve people suffering from distress.

Migawari-Jizo, who takes the place of people. It is commonly believed this Jizo will take the place of a man in times of great difficulty, or when he is in danger of losing his life. There are many stories relating how Jizo figures were attacked in place of their worshippers. Jizo figures, which are the subject of these traditional tales, have many worshippers who believe that Jizo will save them in an emergency.

Migawari Jizo

Migawari Jizo

Tauye-Jizo or rice planting Jizo is worshipped by farmers in hope that he will aid their rice-planting. Many Japanese folktales tell of Jizo giving aid to farmers in the rice-planting season.

Many stone Jizo are very old and look it. Much of their detail may be worn away and they are often smooth and appealingly weathered. They are a very popular item on Jcollector, with customers telling us how much they enjoy the presence of a Jizo in their garden our courtyard.

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